In what way are Muckle beers artisan?

All Muckle beers are brewed in very small batches (approx. 220 litres). These beers do not leave the brewery for any off-site post processing. Brewing, bottling, bottle conditioning, labelling and packaging all take place in the Brewery. The beers are un-filtered, therefore retain all the delicious notes and aromas from the grain and hops. They are naturally carbonated, without the need for additional CO2

How should I store and pour my beer?

Muckle beer is best stored at 11-13 degrees: so perhaps store in your garage or the coldest room in the house. If refrigerated, you may wish to delay pouring the beer for half an hour. At fridge temperature you can notice a chill haze and find the beer appears less lively when poured. Unfiltered beer retains a small amount of natural sediment in the bottle. Pour as one from a height, retaining the sediment in the neck of the bottler

Muckle Brewing 12 beer selection box

What is a Muckle packaging box?

Should you wish to order beer for shipping (charge £8.95) our web shop will request you choose 1 of 4 options to fill your packaging box:

12 beers of your choice

1 x 3-bottle gift pack & 6 beers

2 x 3-bottle gift packs & 3 beers

3 x 3-bottle gift packs 

A second packaging box can be filled, though again at £8.95 shipping charge



Do you do gift options?

These gift packs make super presents. Each carries a wrap of Hadrian’s Wall. If ordering on-line you have the choice of three different Muckle selections: 

Core beer selection 

Autumn/Winter selection 

Spring/Summer selection 

We may need to vary the beers in these gift-packs depending upon availability


Muckle beer box, product image

Can I visit the Brewery?

Unfortunately we cannot accept visitors to Muckle Brewing. It is a private brewery in the garden of our home. We would however be delighted to see you at Farmers Markets across Northumberland. We can usually be found weekly:

1st Saturday – Morpeth Farmers Market

2nd Saturday – Hexham Farmers Market

2nd Sunday – Greenhead Farmers Market

3rd Saturday – Bellingham Indoor Market

4th Saturday – Hexham Farmers Market

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